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Several solutions to become a partner of Oostende Voor Anker:

Becoming Partner Of Ostend at Anchor" 

When organizing an event, a lot of elements should be taken into account in order to assure that everything runs smoothly. Partnerships are one of those key elements and Ostend at Anchor is fortunate to have many loyal partners for more then fifteen years.

We would like to thank all the existing partners, especially the City of Ostend and the Office for Tourism of Ostend who have confirmed that the festival will be held until 2018.

The way we see it, partners are not companies who follow a carefully curated sponsorship program. They are actual persons with their companies who are a part of the Ostend at Anchor family.

  Hubert Rubbens

The partnership of Ostend at Anchor

Ostend at Anchor offers you a real 360° visibility; meaning before, during and after the event on all the communication channels (print, website & social media).

In order to become a partner, you can contact us via mail or download our form.

Within the partnership, several channels are at your disposal :


During the event:

As a partner, you are visible in several ways during the event : displays, information stand, logo on the boats, etc. Your brand is clearly associated with the event and a high percentage of the visitors will notice your presence. There is also a possibility to embark on one of the cathedrals of the sea and actually live the experience of the sea with your clients and stakeholders.

We kindly invite you to come to our next edition to see the visibility we offer to our partners with your own eyes.

In our program :

As for our program booklet, each partner has a significant display space. You decide on the content and design needs, with the support of our graphic team.

Here are some examples of our current partners : 

Poster :

Our event wouldn’t take place if it wasn’t for our partners. It goes without saying that your logo is featured on our event poster. 

Here are some examples of the posters of the event with a clear visibility for our partners :

Digitale presence :

As a partner, you are present on all online channels of Ostend at Anchor.

Our website features a fixed footer which shows our partners ‚at random’ on each page. That way, your logo is visible on several pages without interrupting the user experience.

You also have a dedicated page entirely fitted to your content and design needs, similar to the display space in our program booklet. We can link from this page to your site and thus enforcing your number of visitors and even your ranking in Google.


Our site is frequently updated with new content which guarantees a constant flow of visitors all year round and not just during the event itself.

Take a look for yourself !