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Only 30 days to discover the biggest maritime festival of the Belgian coast, Ostend at Anchor.

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The poster in prime time with our partners, thank you for helping us

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Ostend at anchor 2018 is full up ! Enjoy and discover the 127 participants on our website

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129 years young and present at Ostend at Anchor 2018

Built in 1889 to replace a larger 17 ton smack of the same name that was registered out of Maldon in 1871. It was in 1898 that Transcur was first registered although her early history is rather vague and the only known fact is that she worked from the River Crouch and was owned by the Smith Brothers, well-known local Oyster merchants. In 1924 she came out of the fishing and was sold for conversion to a yacht. Coamings and skylights were added and in 1937 her first engine was fitted. She passed through several hands, with each owner keeping her for approximately five years. Most of this time was spent on the East Coast. The current owner bought her from Lymington where she had been for 19 years. Since she was not in a sound enough condition to be sailed back to the East Coast, she came back over land and the next two years were spent conserving her.
Her original floors were retained, but the remainder of the boat had to be reconstructed. Her original gaff rig was also replaced and she has subsequently been sailed regularly to Holland each year for family holidays.

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