Ostend at Anchor is postponed to 2021

“I wanted freedom, open air, adventure. I found it at sea”

The appeal of sailing goes beyond the obvious fresh air, the balmy wind, the discovery of remote islands and the deep blue sea. Being on board is of major importance in our lives..

But the most compelling and universal theme for all sailors, young and old, is the amazing sense of freedom, the call of our “mother-sea” beckoning us beyond the horizon, testing our possibilities and our need for safety,  nourishing our restless souls and satisfying our desire for solitude and peace. We yearn to be beyond the reach of the land, on a deep blue sea under a starry sky. The awareness of humility at the endless expanse of the ocean, a sense of  awe and wonder for the wind blowing in our faces, bringing serenity to our hearts. Feeling one with the beauty of nature, the freedom to sail the seas, to go with the flow and to chase our dreams.

Unfortunately, however, we are now obliged to put our dreams on hold. The corona virus forces us to remain on land and bars us from boarding our beloved ships. It is therefore  with a heavy heart that we have to postpone Ostend at Anchor until next year. We are convinced that Ostend at Anchor 2021 will be a huge success with “Ensor at sea” as the main theme. So we hope you will all set sail for Ostend at Anchor from 27 to 30 May 2021.

We already look forward to it!

Ostend at Anchor 2021

Theme : Ensor at sea

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