A real fleet of flat-bottomed yachts will be present at Ostend on Anchor

The round and flat-bottomed yachts of our Flemish and Dutch friends will once again shine. Thanks to the dedication of skippers such as the late Julien Cabuy of the Jonge Sinjoor, Frank Breugelmans of ‘t Breugeltje and Fernand Vandenkeybus, the driving force behind numerous trips by flat-bottomed boats to Ostend. These exceptional boats and ships are a fixed value at Ostend at Anchor. Since the very beginning in 2000, they were present in full glory!

Those flat-bottomed boats have those strange side-swords, sometimes called wings by neophytes, but nothing is less true. In the end, these are lateral leeboards to prevent the vessels from drifting too much in sharp and half winds. In general, we call all these vessels flat-bottomed, but actually they have each their own specificity. One has a flat or blunt nose, the other a sharp one and above all, there are about 50 types of flat-bottomed vessels such as Tjotters, Lemsteraken, Hoogaarsen, Hensten, schouwen or Grundels.

Come and discover these exceptional ships with their strange wings at Ostend at Anchor, but above all meet the skippers who will talk enthusiastically about their ship, because they cherish their jewels and they are worth discovering.