Amandine restoration works progress smoothly

The painting works on the hull and deck of the last Iceland trawler Amandine are almost finished. As icing on the cake, Mayor Bart Tommelein was given the honor of painting on the hull. 

The ship was completely sandblasted and the last  Iceland Trawler received a new coat of paint. The final piece of the paintwork was to paint the name. After the paintwork, the scaffolding will be removed and works will start to put all the rigging back on deck and there are still several restoration works in the engine room. 

Mayor Bart Tommelein: "It is quite an honor to be able to help paint the ship's name. The Amandine is a true symbol of Ostend. Thanks to these necessary works, we are ensuring that the historic ship is ready for the future." 

End of the works are scheduled for the end of November, after which people will be able to view the ship during several open house weekends. 

Thanks in advance to the entire team working on this unique project.