A very special ship at the 20th edition of Ostend at Anchor

The Galeon Andalucía will participated for the first time to Ostend at Anchor and its her first venue to a Belgian port since she was launched in 2009. The ship will be moored at the cruise quayside and will be accessible by the nation quayside. She will be daily free open for the grand public and it highly recommended.

The Galeon Andalucia is the replica of the type of vessel used by the Spanish Crown for maritime expeditions during the 16ththrough the 18thcenturies. Galleons were intended do discover and the establish trade routes between Spain, America and the Philippines islands, and formed the the called fleet of the Indies.

With an innovative design at the time, galleons were armed merchant vessels which tonnages ranging from 500 to 1200 ton, whereas their lengths-overall would range from 130 to 200 feet. They were designed to cross the largest oceans.

The Replica : El Galion Andulucia !

It took three years to research the main historical and maritime archives in Spain and compile all necessary information about galleons, shapes, details and measures so that the replica could be built.

Historical research was then followed by structural design, a work that took 6 months, and later on followed the construction of the galleon, which lasted 17 months and employed 150 people until her launching in Punta Umbria (Huelva, Spain) on November 2009. The replica has been designed and built by Ignacio Fernandez Vial, a naval engineer and historian, commissioned by ship owner, the Nao Victoria Foundation.