Gondola in Ostend

During Ostend at Anchor, you will be presented with an uncommon sight. Gondolas sailing around in the Mercator dock with the necessary flag display. With the three types of gondolas: ‘Gondole del Settecento’ (du 18th s.), Mussin ‘Albino’, Gondolino ‘Giorgio’ you will be able to sail along daily.

The three types have their own specificities. Whereas the ‘Gondole del Settecento’ was used as a vessel for wealthy residents of Venice, the Mussin ‘Albino’ is a typical working vessel of the lagoon. The ‘Giorgio’ is best known because it is the basic vessel of today's gondolas deployed for the thousands of tourists that flood Venice. 

Besides the vessels that will be moored in the Mercator dock near the Station Bridge, all the crafts necessary to build a gondola are presented on the Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein. The most iconic is the making of the ‘Forcole’. This dagger is cut in one piece from walnut wood and very important to rowe the gondola. We also welcome blacksmiths, woodworkers and craftsmen to decorate the vessels.

Nice to know: Ferro da Prua

Is the metal profile attached to the bow of the gondola. Each part of the figurehead has one of the names of the Venetian districts. Moreover, it is also important in the stability of the vessel.