Jantje, one of our most loyal visitors

The Jantje has been sailing the North Sea for over 90 years. She was built in 1930 as a fishing cutter in Monnickendam for 13,500 guilders. Nicknamed “the two brothers”, the Bakker family used it to fish for cod and herring.

In 1941, the ship was seized by the German navy for a rent of 7.50 guilders per day and was left in a deplorable state in Emden.

One of Mr Bakker’s sons managed to transport it to Haarlem. After six months of repair work, the vessel was named “Ennie and Appie” and continued to fish until 1977.

In the 1980s, the pioneers of the Dutch ‘charter boat’ converted it into a sailing ship. She became a brigantine-rigged schooner.

For her 90th birthday in 2020, Jantje received a very special gift: she was lengthened by four metres. At the widest point, the saw was fitted. Six months and a lock later, the ship has been given a new lease of life that we can all enjoy during the 21st edition of Ostend at Anchor. The Jantje will make a few short daily trips, during which you can enjoy a beer on the sun deck and observe the ins and outs of this little ‘grande dame’.

Once again, we will enjoy Maarten’s (skipper and owner) “Conquest of Paradise” style mooring manoeuvres.