16:00 – 17:30

Start : Visserskaai > Wapenplein > Kapellestraat > Jozef II straat 
Parade by the Merchtem stilt walkers and flag-wavers Flago


The Group was founded in the spring of 1945 on the occasion of the local liberation parade.

The stilts walk recalls a very old use. Annually the Molenbeek flooded. Cut off from the outside world, the resident could only reach the center on stilts.

In the winter, during strong freezing weather, happened the crossing with lumps or sliding shelves. The blocks runners illustrate this use from the cold winter days!

Today this is national folklore and the stilt walkers from Merchtem will provide the necessary animation during the parade.


Flago comes from Haaltert in the province of East Flanders.
Flago is the translation of the English word “flag” into Esperanto,an artificial language especially developed to allow people from different countries to communicate.
That is why Esperanto seemed to be the best language for the name and intentions on an international level.
Flago wants to make use the music, the design of the flags as well as the movements in a modern as well as timeless way and takes part in performances in Belgium and neighbouring countries.
The group was also participating in international festivals in Cyprus, Hungary,the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia and the United States of America.

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Pib Rock

19:00 – 20:00

Terras Vindictivelaan

Performance by the French rock folk group Pib Rock

Pibrock is combining guitars and Scottish back pipes supported by bass batteries.

The energy this group has during his concerts is enormous.

They combine classic maritime music with metal, blues and reggae music. Don’t miss it !

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