Sea ordination

15:00 – 17:00

Saturday 12 May Benediction of the ships and sea at 14:00 hours
Ecumenical celebration at the Monument of Sailors. In bad weather in the Capuchin church followed by a procession to the Fisherman’s Quay!


15:00 hours : Embarkation of the various priests of the various religious convictions and ordination of the participating fleet of Ostend at Anchor located in the Mercator and Montgomery docks..

Mercator- en Montgomery docks



18:00 – 19:30

Terras Vindictive Avenue

Performance by the British – Dutch folk group Pyrats

Be a sea faring band of Musical Marauders, sailing from the shores of the Olde Lowlands of Holland to rowdy ports across the world! A notorious band of buccaneers, who have imposed their own brand of pirate themed folk music upon fellow pirates an’ unfortunate landlubbers not only in the United Kingdom but across the seas themselves! Able bodied bawdy balladeers armed with Guitar, Melodeon, Bass, Drums an’ Fiddle. Dressed in full pirate costume!

#UnitedKingdom #Netherlands #Folk #Ova2018


Procession skippers and crews for reception offered by the city authorities

10:45 – 11:15

Vindictivelaan > Cityhall (Start : Haddock Lounge)

Performance by the Belgian band Melody Makers

#Parade #Skippers #Oostende #Ova2018