Ostend at Anchor 2019

New participant !

Two rescue boats of the Watson type will be present at the 20th edition of Ostend at Anchor.

First we are proud to present the “Jozef De Waey” (ex Howard-Marryat), rescue boat of the Watson type 46,9 built in 1957 and still in her original shape. The crew of the Howard Marryat saved about 76 livens. If you want to know more about her go to the website.

The second ship is de Laura Mancur. She was one of the last 10 Watson class lifeboats to be built. This class of lifeboat was used by the RNLI for over 60 years in various sizes.
She worked as Buckie’s lifeboat until 1984, she was then put into the relief fleet (standing in at other stations) whilst their boat was in for repair/overhaul. During her service life she was “launched for service” on 78 occasions and saved 47 lives.

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