Shoppen op Oostende voor Anker

You can find a lot of sales stands in the Vindictivelaan. They sell maritime clothing, binoculars, waterproof bags as well as children's toys. If you are interested in the history of shipping, be sure to come and browse among the maritime books.

Reborn Sails 

Dacron and Kevlar sails are very difficult to recycle, hence the idea of doing something useful with them. Reborn Sails' philosophy is to make unique creations in an environmentally conscious way. The range includes tote bags, sports bags, shopping bags, laptop and tablet bags,...

Corderie Gautier

Corderie Gautier specialises in the production of ropes for shipping. They design ropes in all materials, of different diameters and colours.


These are the ideal shoes on and at sea. You can buy boat shoes here in all kinds of designs, sizes and colours.

Shoppen in Oostende

Ostend is a real shopping city. Kapellestraat is one of the most known shopping streets in Ostend, with a diverse range of shops where you can shop to your heart's content. In addition, the city also offers a wide variety of boutiques in the small streets and boulevard where you can browse through the shelves. Just think of Adolf Buylstraat, Hertstraat or Christinastraat. 

You can also discover the latest shops at

Cultuur opsnuiven

If you want to get out and about in the city by the sea after your visit to Ostend for Anchor, there are numerous options to make your visit complete. We give some more fun suggestions for an excursion.

Het Stadsmuseum

The City Museum guides you through Ostend's fascinating life story and also casts a glance into the future. Many objects, posters, documents and multimedia applications reveal the secrets behind the city's development, tourism, fishing, port and shipping. Discover the Ostend of the past and present together with its most famous resident, Louise-Marie, the first Belgian queen. She features prominently and even takes the floor.

De Grote Post

With De Grote Post, Ostend has its own cultural house where a lot of performances and concerts are scheduled. If you just want to enjoy the beautifully renovated building, you can always drop in at the Culture Café.

The Crystal Ship

Thanks to The Crystal Ship, world-renowned and renowned artists, giant murals and interventions have been popping up in Ostend every year since 2016. Together, this forms an artistic trail in the city centre and on Het Groen Lint around Ostend. With a free cycling or walking plan in hand, you can set off on your own along all the artworks.


Atlantikwall Raversyde is one of the best-preserved parts of the German defence line, with more than 60 bunkers, open and underground corridors, observation posts and artillery positions built during World War II (Battery Saltzwedel-neu). You will also find the best-preserved German coastal battery from World War I, Battery Aachen. This unique WWI bunker complex is located in a rolling dune area overlooking the sea and was awarded a European Heritage Award in 2022.