Ostend at Anchor breaks record with 250,000 visitors for the 18th edition!

Ostend at Anchor breaks record with 250,000 visitors for the 18th edition!

Sunday, May 28, 2017 – With 250,000 visitors in 4 days, the 18th edition of Ostend at Anchor, the biggest maritime event in Belgium, broke all records.

Spread over 4 days, visitors could enjoy 145 classic ships, 110 appearances, 100 stands, a parade with giants, …

The central theme “The Inland Shipping” gave a good impression of how women and children used to pull the ships. In addition to about 50 inland ships, the rich maritime history of the Loire valley was also highlighted by a craft village and the arrival of 5 gabares (flatbottoms of the Loire) which came to Ostend at Anchor through the canals and rivers!

“Many visitors chose public transport to get to Ostend. By train you will be right in the middle of the event. The new parking tower at the station was also used extensively. And in consultation with the NMBS, Strandparking was also opened on Thursday afternoon for the full extended weekend of Ostend at Anchor. ”

The eye catchers of this 18th edition were the sailboat Nao Victoria (replica of the ship of Ferdinand Magellan) and the Russian four-master Kruzenshtern,114 meters long, an impressive appearance.

But also the Navy Component was present with an information stand, Navy charity, Royal Navy Cadet Corps with their vessel Libération and the Air Component with daily a Search and Rescue demonstration.

Please note the next edition of Ostend at Anchor in your agenda: Thursday 10 May to Sunday 13 May 2018 with the theme “100th Anniversary of the Raids of HMS Vindictive”.