Ostend at Anchor courage to the last

After being confronted with the COVID19 pandemic at the beginning of March, we were one of the first to move the maritime festival to 2021. Hopefully our dreams will not be a hoax and after the “annus horribilis” we will be able to take up our lives again ! The skippers are looking forward to it. As a proud curator, I can already confirm that 100 ships have already registered to take part at our magnificent festival !

I hope that the doomsayers will not be proved right and that, by following the rules of the government together, we can overcome the pandemic. Not only for ourselves, but also for all the healthcare personnel who are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and rescue us.   

My thoughts also go to all those hardworking self-employed people, friends from the sector who simply survive because both the hospitality, travel and events sector is a sinking ship.

Let us save them together! Keep it safe : Hubert Rubbens