OVA team helps out at Tall Ships Races 2022

After two years of preparation and two years of postponement due to the pandemic, the Tall Ships Races have taken place again from 22 to 25 July 2022.

Two years ago, Hubert, in collaboration with the team of Balthazar (event agency), the Port and City Services, became for the third time the "ship recruiter" for the coming of the Tall Ships Races to Antwerp. After two years of pandemics, not an easy task.

Many shipowners were looking for their own ways to embark trainees and pursued their own course. Nevertheless, we managed to convince over 40 ships, including the prestigious "Shabab Oman II" (Youth Of Oman) and the "Europa" which has just returned from the South Pole. In addition, the "Nele" will be used as a press boat and the team of volunteers from Ostend at Anchor will be deployed to moor the ships and to accompany the parade on Saturday. Hubert is proud of his Praetorian Guard Ronald (alias Dad), Lucje, Juju, Beau-Fils, Wille and Anneke together with the crew of the Nele with Jean (the captain), Philippe, Carlos, Krisje, Leo and Johan.

It became a great event with more than 1,200 metres of ships with almost 100 masts and 1,000 crew members. Since 1956, the "Tall Ships Races" have been a household name with more than 100,000 young people having the opportunity to take part in these unique sailing competitions. Moreover, "The Tall Ship's Association" was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. One thing is certain: the Tall Ships Races are all about friendship. 

On Monday, the ships left for Aalborg (DK) for the 2nd race of the Tall Ships Race.

Tall Ships Races 2022