Turf Ships, often referred to ‘peat ships’ firsr apppeared in the mid-18th century as land reclamation began to develop in the Low Countries. They were used by peat ‘farmers’, who dug out the valuable peat to be sold as fuel. The flat-bottomed ships were usually about 9½ m, or a ‘hunt’ long – the ‘hunt ‘ being a measure of capacity equivalent to about 50 peat baskets. The tarred oak vessels with their brown sails were a common sight on the rivers and canals into the early part of the last century, but today are mainly a tourist attraction providing trips along the old waterways, recreating the days when peat was an essential fuel for every home. Aquamarin was built in 1897 and is one of the few remaining turfboats.

EigenaarH.SuyckerbuyckLandBelgiumBoottypeFlat boatThuishavenLokerenLengte18.45 mBreedte3.00 mDiepgang1.10 mEditie2022Nummer11