De Goede Verwachting

A Frisian tjalk, ‘De Goede verwachting’ was launched in 1908 at Drachten (Netherlands) as a sailing cargo ship. At over 143 tonnes she was unusually large for her type of vessel, but her greater capacity made her a successful commerical vessel. Following the end of her economic commercial life and destined to be broken up, she was acquired by her present owners, restored and converted into a comfortable private cruiser, Now maintaned in excellent condition, she cruises the European waterways and her owners are dedicated to preserving the ship’s hundred years of industrial and cultural maritime heritage

EigenaarHein Zoontjens en Mariëth GuelenLandThe NetherlandsBoottypeFlat boatThuishavenDordrecht Lengte25.00mBreedte5.00mDiepgang1.10mEditie2022Nummer34