Donder in ‘T Hooi

Is a West Flemish jewelery of six musicians who have been singing together since September 96.
“Hay” makes an unsuspected neglect to end up on the road to the people, and the thunder suggests that the fixed approach will be overlooked. Singing together is like “ebb and flood” … musicians come, musicians go and on the flood line you’ll find the fixed core again and again.
A solid core of 4 enthusiastic musicians determine the foundation from which everything is possible …
Slow is beautiful and there is nothing more buoyant than growth and looking for new things, new roads.Sometimes, at a crossroads, evaluating, learning, meeting, searching, and then moving on from it makes life all the more intriguing. Nothing is self-evident.
Their repertoire mainly consists of European indigenous folk with the emphasis on Flemish and Celtic music. In addition, there are many own songs and edits on the program. It is mainly sung in Dutch but other languages ​​are not excluded .