Goupil is a Muscadet, the n ° 21 of his series, Muscadet is the name of a coastal cruiser sailboat signed by Philippe Harlé and built by the French shipyard Aubin. Built in 1964, it is one of the in plywood built sailing boats that have promoted the sport of sailing in France. There are 600 built between 1963 and 1979. Originally built for cruising, 36 of them have participated in several Mini Transats … they could convince the sailors with them good sailinging performance and speed. Goupil originally named Diable à Quatre, and was known in the sports world sailing (Groupement des croiseurs légers GCL) where she has taken part in from 1964 to 1968. Sine this period Goupil has several times changed of name and owner. In 2003 she was found in a mud flat and fully restored according to the rules of art, and launched again in 2007. Denis and I bought her in May 2014. She is now sailing on the North Sea and its home port is Niewpoort

EigenaarNoëlle Henrotay en Denis GillesLandBelgiumBoottypeMuscadet (classic sailing boat)ThuishavenNieuwpoortLengte6,48mBreedte2,26mDiepgang1,10mEditie2022Nummer54