La Chemme

La Chemme is a 1965 Bates Star Craft purchased by present owner in 1996. Underwent a full restoration including extensive replacement of mahony superstructure. Original engines overhauled. New instrumentation and navigation equipment including a new autopilot. Relaunched in 1998. Cruised extensively including UK east coast and several trips to Dunkirk as part of support fleet for ADLS. Based on non-tidal Thames and charters at Henley regatta and other prestige events. Took part in the Queen Jubilee pageant in 2012.

EigenaarC. EdgerleyLandUnited Kingdom BoottypeClassic motor cruiserThuishavenMedmenham on ThamesLengte13,71mBreedte3,58mDiepgang1,14mEditie2022Nummer76