Replica of a nineteenth-century Ostend Loupe, or North Sea fishing boat, built between 2002 and 2004 and constructed to an 1820’s design by the Ostend Maritime Association on an original slipway in Ostend, using traditional methods and materials. The vessel was built as a ‘social project’ to provide rehabilitation, employment, and training for disadvantaged persons, she was part-financed by the EU with materials provided by the local fishing industry. The total cost of the project was about €1¼ million. The ship’s maiden voyage was during Ostend at Anchor 2005. She is able to accommodate up to 30 persons on board for receptions, and up to 8 people for extended voyages. Now operated and managed by the Ostende Maritime Association’, the ship provides sail training and maritime education for young persons, whilst promoting Ostend at European ports and maritime festivals.

EigenaarA.G.H.O vzwLandBelgiumBoottypeFormer fishingboatThuishavenOostendeLengte18m30 (o.a.28m30)Breedte5.30 mDiepgang2.50 mEditie2022Nummer102