Zee Egel

The M/S ZEE EGEL (formerly “Motor barge M/B SEEIGEL”) was part of a fleet of coastal patrol vessels of the German government and was stationed in Wilhelmshaven. Built in 1958 in Rendsburg (Ferdinand Uecker shipyard) and rebuilt in 1964 in Barden-Fleth (Schweers shipyard), she became a hydrographic survey vessel and was in service in Germany until 1992 (wasser und schiffahrtsamt Wilhelmshaven). This former patrol boat, which was bought by a radio officer from the Belgian merchant navy in 2003, was put back into Belgian service. Completed and equipped with electronic instruments for both inland and coastal navigation, it was made available by its owner to the Royal Marine Cadet Corps for the training and education of the cadets of the Brussels division. In 2013, the non-profit association Les P’tits Baigneurs became the owner and began a two-year refurbishment. The M/S ZEE EGEL B26 is stationed at the B.R.Y.C. (Brussels Royal Yacht Club).

EigenaarSandy FauconnierLandBelgiumBoottypeMotor boatThuishavenBrusselsLengte12.84 mBreedte3.25 mDiepgang1.10 mEditie2022Nummer160