How do I get to Ostend at Anchor?

There are many ways to get to ‘Ostend at Anchor’. Avoid the city center by car. By train you will arrive in the middle of the event and the tram and buses of De Lijn also stop at the station!

By car

E40: The E40 motorway connects Brussels with Ostend. In one hour, you are by car from Brussels to Ostend.

E17: From Antwerp, take the E17, then the E40 towards Ostend.

Click here for information about all car parks in Ostend.


On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May you can use the free ‘Strandparking’. The car park is located just outside the city, so you can park easily from the major approach roads. The bus will take you from the entrance of the car park to the heart of the city. Please note: a ticket must be purchased for the bus.

Address: Stapelhuisstraat 1
Open 21 & 22 May 24/24


  • Parking: free
  • Bus to the center: 2,5 EUR per person

By train
The train station in the city center is within walking distance of the seawall and the shopping streets and you arrive in the middle of the event.

Click here for the full timetable and route planner.

With the coastal tram
The coastal tram is the ideal means of transport if you want to come to Ostend at Anker from one of the other coastal municipalities.

During Oostende voor Anker, a tram arrives at the station every 20 minutes.

Click here for the full timetable and route planner.

Ostend at Anchor for people with a disability

For more information about accessibility on site, please visit the information point on Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein, indicated by INFO. Do not hesitate to ask your question.

If necessary, a sign language interpreter can also be requested.

Mail for information and specific questions to: [email protected]

Reserved parking spaces provided for people in possession of a parking card for people with disabilities:

  • Parking tower of the station: several places
  • Sint-Pietersstraat behind the Sint-Petrus- en -Pauluskerk: one place
  • Kaaistraat: several places
  • Brandariskaai: several places
  • Mercatorlaan: several places

Public transport:

The event is easily accessible by train, tram and bus. You arrive in the middle of the event. This is therefore the most appropriate way to come to Ostend at anchor.

Accessibility of the site:

  • The pontoon at the Visserskaai is accessible for people in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, the other pontoons are not.
  • Assistance dogs that are recognizable as such are welcome on almost the entire site. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to walk on the pontoons with an assistance dog.
  • Most positions are accessible for wheelchair users, but some thresholds may be too high. If there is a need for support, be sure to contact one of the volunteers. These are recognizable by their red pants with a t-shirt from Ostend at Anchor’.


There is a toilet for wheelchair users in the sanitary block on the Kapellebrug and in the station. An extra toilet will be provided on Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein. These are also indicated by arrows on the site.

What is there to experience in Ostend?

Do you want to explore the city or stay overnight after a visit to ‘Ostend at Anchor’?

Here you will find all information about hotels, shops, restaurants, museums, …

Traffic measures in response to Ostend at Anchor

A number of traffic measures are taken to guarantee the safety of visitors.

During the period of Ostend at Anchor, depending on traffic and pedestrian traffic, the following measures will apply:

On Vindictivelaan, traffic in both directions between the Leopold II-laan and Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein will be prohibited from Monday 16 to Monday 23 May 2022. It is prohibited to park in this area during the entire period of the event in this area.

During the construction, the event and the dismantling (13 to 24 May) a parking ban will be introduced: on the Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein between the service street in front of the church and the Visserskaai. In the Zuidstraat and Dekenijstraat, the one-way traffic has been abandoned.

The Visserskaai will be closed to all traffic during the event (19 to 22 May between 10.00AM and 07.00PM). the Nieuwstraat in the direction of the Vindictivelaan. This is for safety reasons and to provide the necessary space for pedestrians.

From Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 May it is forbidden to stop and park between 10.00 AM and 07.00PM in the Pastoor Pypestraat side of uneven house numbers, between the Kaaistraat and the Sint-Franciscusstraat and in the Sint-Franciscusstraat between the Pastoor Pypestraat from  and Visserskaai also on the side of the odd numbers.

The underground parking garage on the Visserskaai will be accessible via: Nieuwstraat ⇒ Groentemarkt ⇒ Breidelstraat ⇒ Kerkstraat ⇒ Jozef II street ⇒ Service road in front of the church, Pastoor Pypestraat ⇒ Sint-Franciscusstraat ⇒ Visserskaai ⇒ Parking entrance.

Sir Winston Churchillkaai and Churchillparking will only be accessible to the public via Nieuwstraat ⇒ Groentemarkt ⇒ Breidelstraat ⇒ Kerkstraat ⇒ Jozef II-straat ⇒ Service road in front of the church, Pastoor Pypestraat ⇒ Sint-Franciscusstraat ⇒ Visserskaai ⇒ Northern bridge Mercatorluis ⇒ Sir Winston Churchillkaai.

The following streets are only accessible to local traffic from Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May between 10.00AM and 07.00PM.:

  • Groentemarkt
  • Breidelstraat
  • Kerkstraat
  • Sint-Pietersstraat
  • Sint-Paulusstraat between Kapellestraat and Visserskaai
  • Ooststraat between Kapellestraat and Visserskaai
  • Jozef II-straat between Kapellestraat and Visserskaai
  • Dekenijstraat
  • Zuidstraat
  • Prins Boudewijnstraat
  • Pastor Pypestraat
  • Kaaistraat
  • Sint-Franciscusstraat
  • Visserskaai between Sint-Franciscusstraat and Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein
  • Sir Winston Churchillkaai

During the opening hours of the event, the Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein will be closed to all traffic between the service road and the Visserskaai.