You are a merchant in maritime goods? A warm welcome to Ostend at Anchor !

Exposition space is available for all maritime artists, craftsmen & products related to the maritime sphere.

Merchants can already register now.

Registrations will be closed by the end of february 2019.

Exhibitors : Registration Form 2019


Former work-, fishing-, freight- and escortships, classical sailing & steam ships; in short all historical important & valuable ships are welcome. Original aswell as replica’s.

Participation at Ostend at Anchor is free and contains a bunch of advantages for skippers & crewmembers.

Ships : Registration 2019

Ostend at Anchor 2019

23th – 26th may 2019

Theme > The Mercator : Pearl of Ostend

Enjoy this unique maritime festival to the full!

Ostend at Anchor, presenting The Mercator : Pearl of Ostend !!!, from Thursday, May 23th to Sunday, May 26th 2019. It’s all there !!!