Sea without barriers, at Ostend at Anchor

The aim of the association “Zeezien” is to make it possible for everyone to be on the water. To give people with physical or mental disabilities the opportunity to change their horizons. For people with disabilities, wheelchair users and less mobile people in particular, it is not even possible to sail on the North Sea. Since 2015, the association Zeezien has had a good cooperation with the British Wetwheels, a leading organisation in sailing for persons with disabilities. During Ostend at Anchor, four free departures are organised every day for organisations and associations with a function for persons with disabilities. The accessible catamaran Wetwheels South East is prepared to make the crossing to Ostend. With our project we want to arouse curiosity in people with disabilities and inspire them. Participants can leave their disability at the jetty and become a member of the Wetwheels crew. Our target audience are wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility and people with sensory and mental disabilities. We receive our guests with an information stand on the fishing quay, where the general public can also ask questions about sailing for people with a disability. Between two sailings it is possible to visit the boat, so you get a perfect picture of how everything works on board an accessible vessel. Active participants are given a short briefing, wheelchairs are fixed on the deck and it is compulsory to wear a lifebelt, safety is paramount. The attraction of sailing at sea is great, sailing gives space, literally and figuratively speaking. The power catamaran adds speed and strengthens the powerful feeling that is present on the water. Mrs Ann Dumarey, curator Hubert Rubbens wife and Mr Carl Boenders, two special persons who are very fond of the project, are taking on the sponsorship. This initiative is only possible thanks to the support of the Flemish government and Oostende voor anker.
Organisations that sail with us: Dyade, Godtshalck Sailors’ House, Briek, Villa Vip, Ithaka.
Currently we still have a few places available, send an email to [email protected] for more information.