The Gallant will be present Designed as a sailing lugger and built at the Figee Brothers' yard in Vlardingen lwher she was launched in 1916 under the name "Jannetje Margaret '. The ship was built without an engine, and served as a herring boat in the North Sea until 1926 when she was sold to Denmark, With an engine installed, and renamed Gertrud. in 1987 she was acquired by the Sailing Foundation Gallant for use as a training and work experience project for young people from Amsterdam. Now completely restored and rigged as a two masted gaff topsail schooner, since 1996, she has operated as a passenger ship and as a sail-training ship in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the English Channel. The Gallant is faithful participant of the Ostend at Anchor festival and already more than 10th time present on the festival.