The yole 12 foot at Ostend at Anchor

On Saturday 25 May, a fleet of 20 to 30 12-foot-yoles will sail in formation in the port of Oostende. This will happen at 03.00 PM from the cruise quay towards port entrance and then towards Montgomerydok. Spectacle guaranteed!

The 12-foot-sail was designed in 1913 for competition sailing by the Englishman George Cockshott from Southport.  A competition class was formed in the Netherlands in 1914.

The class has enjoyed many years of official international recognition and was an Olympic class in 1920 and 1928. The 12-foot football class is still popular and three to five new yoles  are built every year. In competitions, one or two people sail alone, depending on the wind strength and the weight of the helmsman.

The class is still strongly present in the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Japan. There are also smaller fleets in Switzerland, France, Germany and Lithuania.