The Morgenster celebrates her 100th birthday

At the 21st edition of Oostende voor Anker we will once again receive the Morgenster, who will celebrate her 100th birthday at the end of the week during the classic boat fair in Den Helder (NL).

This exceptional lady started out in 1919 as “Vrowue Maria”. The ship was built at the shipyard of the company Boot in Alphen aan den Rijn. She was used for herring fishing in the North Sea. Nine years later she got an engine and was extended. In 1959 the ship was named Morgenster. Twenty years later she was used in recreational fishing and as a radio broadcast vessel Radio Delmare. In the 80’s she was stationary in Amsterdam for a long time and that did the ship no good. Almost everything was destroyed by vandals but in 1993 the ship was given an active destination again as a training sailing ship. She was thoroughly restored in Urk and Den Helder and in 2008 the Morgenster was back in full service. The Klipper brig was designed and converted by Harry Muter, owner and captain. The inspiration came from the American barges, which made an important contribution to the independence of the United States.

The Morgenster is now a thoroughbred sailing training ship. The many sails make working together as a team a natural necessity. Thanks to the sensation of real sailing with a rigged clipper barge, cultivates a team spirit, promotes smooth cooperation and trains functional leadership. The ship is used for various schools such as the nautical college or the school of Midshipmen (officers) at the Royal Dutch Navy.