The French Navy will be present at the 20th Edition of Ostend at Anchor 2021 with the Navy sailing ship A652 MUTIN

Built in 1926 by the Florimond-Guignardeau shipyards in Les Sables d’Olonne, this traditionally rigged tuna cutter has been sailing since 1927.
Until 1939, it was used as a training sailboat for apprentice pilots in Saint-Servan (FR) near Saint-Malo. During the Second World War, she was sent to the Mediterranean, where she took part in counter-espionage missions under the British flag.
On 20 July 1946 he returned to the sea pilot school of Saint-Servan.
In 1964, the Mutin was assigned to the Richelieu group in Brest, which was in charge of the training of deck officers or called “bosco’s”. In 1968, the Richelieu Group disappeared and the General Staff assigned her to the Naval School, a unit of which she was still a member.
In 1976, the Mutin underwent a major conversion at the “Direction des Constructions Navales” (DCN) in Brest. The old rigging as well as the running and standing wall were completely replaced. In 1998 her last major maintenance was carried out by the same DCN from Brest, who rebuilt the deck, some planks and rafters were replaced. The Mutin is based in Brest and is mainly used as a training vessel for apprentice officers and non-commissioned officers. Among other things, they learn sailing and navigation techniques. In addition to this main training assignment, the Mutin, together with the schooners Etoile and Belle Poule, is present at all nautical events on the Atlantic coast, in France and abroad.


  • Length: 21 metres
  • Width: 6.35 metres
  • Draught: 3.40 metres
  • Air draught: 21 metres
  • Sailing area: 312 m².
  • Displacement: 40 tons and 57 tons fully loaded
  • Speed: 6 knots
  • Range: 585 nautical miles at 6 knots
  • Energy and propulsion :
    • 1 diesel engine Baudoin DF 6 M
    • 1 screw – 112 hp (88 kW)
    • Electric power 9 kW
  • Electronic equipment :
    • 1 Furuno 1832 radar
    • Inmarsat mini M satellite transmission system
  • Sailing :
    • Large jib, jib and staysail
    • Mainsail and mainsail boom
    • Butt-punch and butt-punch arrow
  • Crew
    • 12 people + 8 to 15 students, depending on the type of navigation