The secrets of the Unicorn

As a Tintinophile fan I am happy to announce the arrival of the Unicorn during Ostend for Anchor 2021. This exceptional scale replica will make a maiden voyage to Ostend for Anker ! Afterwards she will be on display in Versailles on the “Grand Canal” (to be confirmed).
The unicorn resembles the one once drawn by Hergé but is not an exact copy. What’s more, the history of those scale ships is fascinating ! It is thanks to the expansion policy of the Sun King Louis the 14th that these ships were built. In order to motivate and convince the King to develop his Navy, Jean-Baptiste Colbert ordered in 1669 a ¼ scale warship to sail on the lake of Versailles. It was to be the start of a fleet of 60 ships in Versailles, mainly used to simulate naval battles ! Thanks to this brilliant inspiration, Colbert was able to play on a sensitive sovereign’s string and the King decided to build an entire fleet of seaworthy ships to replace her older galleys. Thanks to this expansion, France became a world power with numerous colonies and the biggest competitor of England and the Netherlands. The Trust Maritime Workshop in Brussels built the ship in 500 days by means of a social project ! A striking feature is that it really resembles the Unicorn that Hergé once drew !
Don’t miss it because it is going to be unique! also for non Tintin lovers between 7 and 77 years old