Tres Hombres: The good example of sustainable transport

The brigantine ‘Tres Hombre’s was built in 1943 and accidentally discovered in 2007 by three Dutch friends, hence the name. Their idea was to use a motorless brigantine to transport sustainable products between South, Central and North America and Europe. Within two years, the ship was fully restored and it could undertake transatlantic voyages with her without an engine.

The ‘Tres Hombres’ has been sailing the world's seas since 2009 and since then has already done 14 transatlantic voyages and transported over 500 tonnes of goods without CO2 emission. From cocoa and coffee to rum and wine to olive oil - all these delicious products are transported by sea, without an engine, powered only by the force of the wind. Their trading partners are exclusively local producers who are passionately committed to ecological and biodynamic production.

Thanks to their perseverance, the ‘Tres Hombres’ became the perfect example of the potential for alternative transport methods and became the global ambassador for wind-driven cargo transport. She carries up to 40 tonnes of organic and artisanal goods.

The ship will be moored in front of Ostend railway station and will be open to the general public for free during Ostend at Anchor. Besides visiting the ship, you will be able to enjoy the various types of products and a Rum tasting will be organized daily. 

Construction year: 1943
Type: Brigantine
Length complete: 32 meters
Length of deck: 28 meters
Draught: 3 meters
Cargo capacity: 40 tonnes / 55 m³
Maximum number of sails: 19
Professional crew: 7
Apprentices: 8