The Artemis first cathedral of the sea registered to participate in Ostend for Anchor 2021

Welcome on the Artemis

The Artemis has been a loyal visitor to Ostend at anchor for decades. The Artemis or Atlantis of the Bruinsma brothers are alternately present at the largest annual maritime festival in Belgium and the North Sea.
The Artemis – named after the goddess of the hunt – was built in Norway in 1926 as a whalboat and sailed in that capacity until the end of the 1940s, particularly in the northern and southern polar seas.
In the 1950s she was converted into a freighter and sailed between Asia and South America, until she was no longer competitive and was taken out of service.
In 2001, the Bruinsma brothers became the new owners, who thoroughly rebuilt her and, with a great love for detail, turned her back into an elegant sailing ship. The masts are squarely rigged, characteristic of a barque. The sight of the three-master on the high seas is unsurpassed. On the way to historic port cities or to one of the many nautical events, such as Ostend at Anchor.

Beloved voyages on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Robust and original, that is the look and feel of the Artemis. At the same time, the ship has a high level of comfort and luxury on board. Precisely this combination makes the ship unique and sought-after at international events and sea voyages. The bark has an attractive maritime saloon with bar and a hotel kitchen. Loved during her voyages to the Scottish waters, the Baltic Sea and around the South Danish island archipelago.

Great nautical experience

The Artemis can accommodate up to 120 people for day trips and up to 32 people in cabin accommodation. Guests can look forward to a great nautical experience on an authentic three-master. With a driven sailing crew, the most modern navigation equipment and fully prescribed safety equipment for worldwide sailing.
Welcome to the rich history of sailing. Welcome to the Artemis!