Discover the Belgian Navy during Ostend at Anchor

Of course, the Belgian Navy can't be missed at a maritime event in Ostend. To put the binational cooperation with the Netherlands in the spotlight, they are building a Marine Village together. Here you can not only obtain information about all the capacities of The Belgian Navy and the history of the ship 'Godetia' (with Ostend as godfather), you can also take a leap into the defence world at sea with all kinds of activities.

Experience life on board in a virtual world (VR) and test your climbing skills on the steep climbing tower. If this isn't good enough to convince you, there's still the Marine Cadets who eagerly teach everyone how to tie the knots of the trade, literally. To conclude, after this total experience you can get hold of a lot of gadgets at the stand of the Association for Relief Work in the Navy.

In short, a promising package of sights and a maritime event not to be missed!