About Ostend at Anchor

Welcome to Ostend at Anchor, the maritime event that celebrates the past, present and future of the sea! With more than 150 unique ships sailing to Ostend, from majestic three-masters to smaller sloops, there is something for everyone to discover and experience.

During Ostend at Anchor you can not only admire the impressive ships, but also enjoy fascinating tours, demonstrations and lectures.

Admire the authentic ship crafts and taste the delicious smoked fish as you stroll through the streets and squares around the harbour.

For music lovers, there are numerous free performances by classic shanties and caressing folk that provide the necessary atmosphere. This year we welcome 25 groups, good for 40 number of performances spread over the four days.

Ostend at Anchor is also an ideal trip for families with children to get acquainted with the wonders of the sea and shipping. Little sailors can have fun with all kinds of animations and activities designed especially for them.

And don't forget to visit the Blue Innovation Village, where you can learn everything about the latest developments and innovations in and around the North Sea.


These ships take part in Ostend at Anchor 2024.

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Oostende voor anker

Discoveries at Sea

This year, the theme chosen was 'Discoveries at Sea'. Come discover replicas of ships such as Magellaan's Nao Victoria, as well as new discoveries in ocean conservation, wind turbines, ecology and all things marine.