Explore the artisanal heart of Ostend for Anchor, where craftsmanship comes alive. Have you always wanted to see a blacksmith at work and taste an artisanal smoked herring? Here's a sample of what's on offer.

Dinkelstroom: vers gerookte zalm

One of the toppers for which many Eastdeners like to descend to the craft village is on-site smoked salmon from Dinkelstroom. With passion and enthusiasm for a good product, they cook and smoke the fish in a large smokehouse over an open fire. The end result gives a delicious flavour as fish should be.


Fer Unique

Ostend resident Kristof Verkouille shows his passion and work as a blacksmith during Ostend for Anchor. His great-grandfather had a forge in Ostend in the early 19th century. By doing his job to the best of his ability, he wants to contribute to culture & heritage. "People are no longer aware that the blacksmith played a very big role in history, certainly until the industrial revolution. Nevertheless, these techniques are certainly not lost. The oldest techniques are still being used. Such as staking, punching, fire welding, forging, cutting, riveting..." Fer Unique shows how it is done.


Oostendse Visbakkers

This association is committed to promoting the Ostend fishing industry and eating fish. So be sure to come and sample some delicious fried fish on a sandwich.

Oostendse visbakkers

Oude Ambachten Nu

The old group "Oude Volksambachten Nu" was founded in 1972 and is known for izjn demonstrations at home and abroad. The craftsmen manufacture on site in traditional ways objects that are becoming rarer by the day. Many traditional crafts are still fascinating and inviting to do yourself or to discover how people made their daily attributes even in the early days without machines. During Ostend at Anchor, you can discover more about woodturning, basket weaving, spinning and pot turning.

Oude ambachten nu

Haringroker René

René from Enkhuizen is now an old acquaintance at Oostende for Anker. You will find him on Vindictivelaan, he is known for his traditionally smoked herring. Seeing René at work is an experience in itself.


Vissersfolkloregroep De Korre

De Korre - a folk maritime association - saw the light of day in 2013. The initiators both come from a fishing family. The name "De Korre" refers to the funnel-shaped trawl net still in use in fishing. The association gathers people who want to support fishing on our coast, and demonstrates old fishing crafts, such as knitting and mending nets, shrimp peeling and lace-making.


International Guild of Knot Tyers

This British organisation is dedicated to preserving the traditional techniques of tying knots. They also promote the development of new techniques and material in their craft.