The Ziet op u Zelven exists 140 years!

Exactly 140 years ago, the "ZIET OP U ZELVEN" was built as a cargo ship and built in Alblasserdam. But only 10 years ago, in 2014, the ship was classified as a "Historic Sailing Monument".

In 1996, the current owner bought the ship and restored it as it looked between 1910 and 1923. Now she (almost*) looks like she did 100 years ago. Nearly, because this year the interior of the forecastle will undergo further work and then it will be finished.

The "ZIET OP U ZELVEN" is one of the oldest regularly sailing ships in Belgium and the last buoy barge.

To celebrate, they will join the heritage anniversary tour of the National Association for the Preservation of Historic Commercial Vessels next summer. The LVBHB is celebrating its 50th anniversary and they are organising a fun sailing trip in the Netherlands in 2024, in which they will take part for a large part. The trip will start in Middelburg on 6 July 2024 and end in Hasselt on 20 August 2024.

The skipper and his skipper wife hope to get the "Ziet op uw Zelven" in peak condition in March and April, at least weather conditions permitting. Because their first trip will be to "Ostend at Anchor"