Ostend at Anchor is an ideal outing to introduce children to the wonders of the sea and shipping. A visit to one of the large ships immediately captures the imagination, but there is also a lot to do to give the smallest visitors a fascinating day. We would like to give some tips for the little sailors.

Kinderverhalen: 'Marco Polo en het geheim van de zijdedraak' door Doris Klausing

Following annual custom, Ostend author Doris Klausing has written a children's story. 
Drago, once a powerful prince, was in love with princess Jade, the favourite daughter of Emperor Khan of China. But Drago was a trickster and stole the secret of the silk thread and passed it on to 2 fathers. Emperor Khan pronounced a curse on Drago who immediately turned into a silk-spitting dragon. Drago was angry and kidnapped Princess Jade. Since she would not flee, he wrapped her with silk threads. The Emperor was mortally unhappy and, in desperation, he requested Marco Polo to free Jade from Drago's clutches. Will Marco succeed in his mission? Will he bring Jade back to her father? And, what happens to Drago next? 

Every day at 11am, 2.30pm and 4pm on the Hydrograph.

Kapitein Nemo op zijn Nautilus

Arthur van Poppel has built an engineering marvel, "the Nautilus". Using wheels, levers, chains and gears, this music artist is able to create a complete one-man-band. You will be amazed by his ingenious playing style, functional guitar playing, crystal-clear voice and cheerful appearance.

On 1 June from 12.30pm to 6pm, on 2, 3 and 4 June from 11.30am to 6pm.

Demonstratie reddingstechnieken 

relyOn Nutec Belgium provides a demonstration of rescue techniques and survival at the Montgomery Dock every day at 2pm. 

RelyOn Nutec is the world's leading provider of safety training at various levels in organisations aimed at survival and learning the skills needed to do so. The company has a branch in the port of Ostend.

Garnaalpelwedstrijd voor kinderen

Who will be the children's shrimp peeling champion?  Fish ladder traders are organising a competition to find the fastest peeler. 

Appointment on 3 June from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Registration can be done at the Vistrap on Fishermen's Quay.

ontdek samen de ambachten

On St Peter and Paul square, there are lots of craftsmen at work during the festival. This is ideal for children who want to see how, say, a blacksmith used to work. You can also sail in a remote-controlled boat.

Oostende voor Anker-Zoektocht met James

In the run-up to and during Ostend at Anchor, immerse yourself in the world of boats, ships and oceans with James. James lives in the Lange Nelle lighthouse. There he has a good view over the city of Ostend. He knows better than anyone else what goes on in the port and would love to share his tips and knowledge with you. James keeps everything in his notebook, but a heavy storm blew away all his notes! Will you help him find his notebook? On the back you will find a map of Ostend. Follow the trail, look for the stickers at all participating businesses and note down the letters next to the correct morse codes to discover the location of James's notebook!

You can pick up the free quest at Tourism Ostend or at the OVA info point on Sint-Petrus- en -Paulusplein?

Kapitein Panekazak: jouw maritieme gids door Oostende

This city guide is available all year round, but can certainly be an added value to entertain your kids during Ostend at Anchor. Together with his two shipmates, a bow mussel and a naval officer, captain Panekazak will take you to the most beautiful and interesting spots of the city during this unique audio tour. Immerse yourself in a radio play by Het Geluidshuis that shows Ostend in a whole new way, but makes you hear it aswell.

Captain Panekazak is ideal for sailors aged 8 to 12. The application can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Unlock the walk via an App Store purchase for 5.49 euros.