Ostend at Anchor with children

Ostend at Anchor is an ideal outing to introduce children to the wonders of the sea and shipping. A visit to one of the large ships immediately captures the imagination, but there is also a lot to do to give the smallest visitors a fascinating day. We would like to give some tips for the little sailors.

Animation Hippocampus

Mutiny on the Continent. Gladiators on seahorses go into battle as if they were Neptune, or Spartacus, or Ben Hur. In the parade, these comrades float brotherly over the turbulent waves. Until the lances are drawn and the swords are crossed. In primal screams they babble unexpectedly laughable one-liners. Only the law of the strongest applies here. Will the battle with the legion be settled amicably in time? No guts, no glory.


Children's stories: 'The adventurous voyage of discovery to China'

As an annual tradition, the Ostend author Doris Klausing has written a children's story.

Ship's boy Luis leaves for China with De Marquis, a three-master. The 18-month journey does not go as planned because somewhere at sea he comes face to face with pirates. Will Luis and the crew get out of that nasty adventure safely? Is there enough food and water on board to dock in China without worries and fill the hold with spices, tea and silk?

Every day at 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Hydrograaf.


Captain Nemo on his Nautilus

Arthur van Poppel has built an engineering marvel, "the Nautilus". Using wheels, levers, chains and gears, this music artist is able to create a complete one-man-band. You will be amazed by his ingenious playing style, functional guitar playing, crystal-clear voice and cheerful appearance.

Captain Nemo on his Nautilus

RelyOn Nutec Belgium provides a demonstration of rescue techniques and survival every day at 2 p.m. in the Montgomery dock.

RelyOn Nutec is the world's leading provider of safety training at various levels in organizations focused on survival and learning the necessary skills for this. The company has a branch in the port of Ostend.

Shrimp peeling competition for children

Who will be the children's shrimp peeling champion? Fish ladder traders are organising a competition to find the fastest peeler.

Discover the crafts together

On St Peter and Paul square, there are lots of craftsmen at work during the festival. This is ideal for children who want to see how, say, a blacksmith used to work. You can also sail in a remote-controlled boat.